Wossa woman?

On Any Questions yesterday, starting at 33:50 minutes, a caller named Arthur asked “What is a woman?”

Jackie Baillie, Labour, starts with “I’m supportive of the Gender Recognition Act,” then says she recognizes “there are women who will identify as being a women based on their sex”

Ok let’s pause there – that’s a “recognize” too many. Women don’t “identify as being women based on their sex.” They just are women. Women are women, based on their sex. Sticking the I-word in there adds nothing but confusion.

She continues “and there are trans people whooo you know may be born as a different gender who will identify as women and I think we should demedicalize the process and enable them to live as they feel they should do.”

So, she doesn’t answer the question.

The presenter says let’s take a step back, we’re talking about a conflict of rights, between people who identify as blah blah blah many words blah, tiny pause, “and women, and Jackie you would expand the rights for trans people…” In other words the important issue is these people who need many words to explain, not those stupid people who are just the one dull word “women.” The hell with women, let’s talk about expanding the rights of the enthralling mesmerizing fascinating exciting men who say they are women.

Next up, Lorna Slater for the Scottish Greens, who announces that it’s not a question asked in good faith, it’s an anti-trans position. Cool, so much for women then, because who cares. The presenter says hang on, you’re assuming Arthur’s motives, that’s not fair. Slater says it’s a dog-whistle question that tries to make it seem as if women’s rights are threatened by trans people which they are not, absolutely no conflict between women’s rights and trans rights, trans women are women. Human rights are human rights, she concludes. Breathtakingly stupid and fanatical and, if she only knew it, misogynist.

There’s more; maybe later.

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