All they want is

Some said motte and bailey, I said bait and switch, others said it’s just plain lying.

Anyway. What Chris Bryant said. Caller asks: “What does it actually mean to transition?”

Chris Bryant replies:

I think I’ve answered your question and [shaking head in sorrow] I’ll tell you – something that really frightens me at the moment – is politicians who want to use this issue to stir division – because for me – there – your right to live your life the way you want, and that you feel comfortable, is absolutely intrinsic to a decent society.

Well, yes and no. Yes up to a point. To put it more brutally, nobody can live her life exactly the way she wants in every single particular. We can’t, because we’re not independent. We can’t feed ourselves or avoid freezing to death or dying of heat stroke, or be cured of diseases or have our injuries repaired, without other people, and once you add other people, you’re no longer free to do whatever you want no matter what.

It’s a stupid slogan and it was a mistake for the trans movement to treat it as sacred. Sometimes things you want to do interfere with what other people want to do, and it’s not written in the stars that you’re the one who always gets to win.

Sure, if men want to think of themselves as women in their own heads, they should be free to do that. When they want women to agree that they’re women, it’s not so simple. See pp 1-47 billion for details.

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