And then we say, China did it

Trump said we should bomb Russia and pretend China did it. Sound and reasonable as ever.

Former president Donald Trump mused Saturday to the GOP’s top donors that the United States should label its F-22 planes with the Chinese flag and “bomb the shit out of Russia.”

“And then we say, China did it, we didn’t do it, China did it, and then they start fighting with each other and we sit back and watch,” he said of labeling U.S. military planes with Chinese flags and bombing Russia, which was met with laughter from the crowd of donors, according to a recording of the speech obtained by The Washington Post.

Hahahaheehee it is all such a great joke.

After coming under fierce criticism for praising Putin as “savvy” and “brilliant” for the Russian leader’s moves in Ukraine last month, he struck a tougher tone on Saturday — claiming Putin never would have invaded the country if Trump [were] president of the United States.

“I knew Putin very well. He would not have done it. He would have never done it,” Trump said, without mentioning that, as president, he held up military aid for Ukraine as he pushed the country to investigate Biden’s son Hunter.

That’s what he said the other day, too – “I know Putin very very well.” Of course he doesn’t. He doesn’t know anyone or anything very very well, and Putin especially is way out of his grasp.

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