Born with a physical strength advantage

Tennis coach Judy Murray is not convinced that trans women should compete against women.

[Murray] told Radio Times magazine: “It could be really off-putting to female athletes to feel you could train for years to get to whatever level and then be knocked out or beaten by someone born with a physical strength advantage.”

To say the least. I would use words stronger than “off-putting,” myself.

“I don’t know enough about it and it’s incredibly complex but it’s important there’s a lot of research into creating a fair solution. Where there are clear physical advantages, (for) governing bodies involved in creating the rules about the point at which there is too much of a disadvantage, it’s really important they get that right.”

I don’t think it’s all that complex. I think it’s just obvious that men shouldn’t do it, at all, ever, no matter how intensely they feel “like women.” They have the male bodies. They shouldn’t use them in that way.

That reply is garnering a lot of laughter. Not a tennis coach’s area of expertise? Really?

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