Enjoy your childish tantrum

Just as you can’t “cut ties” with the Supreme Court.

It’s very Trumpy to say you’re cutting ties with a supervisory board you can’t cut ties with.

Libby Brooks at the Guardian has more:

The UK’s equalities watchdog has written to the Scottish government asking it to pause plans to simplify the legal requirements for gender recognition.

LGBT+ equality campaigners hit back at the unexpected intervention by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, describing its approach as “deeply troubling” and “failing to stand up for equality for trans people”.

That is they reacted; they didn’t hit anyone. I do wish UK journalists would drop this “hit out/hit back” rhetoric, it sounds so childish.

The EHRC, which monitors equality and human rights across England, Scotland and Wales, told Shona Robison, the minister responsible for the reforms, that “more detailed consideration” was required.

The letter, sent from ECHR chair, Baroness Kishwer Falkner, to Robison on Wednesday afternoon, raised concern “at the polarised debate” around transgender law reform.

Kishwer Falkner wrote that “some lawyers, academics, data users and others have increasingly expressed concerns about the potential implications of changing the current criteria for obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate”.

“The potential consequences include those relating to the collection and use of data, participation and drug testing in competitive sport, measures to address barriers facing women, and practices within the criminal justice system, inter alia”.

You know, little things, like measures to address barriers facing women.

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