Guest post: In the bowl but not of it

Originally a comment by Omar on Puff puff puff.

Part of her wanted people to know her journey to this moment, to know what it felt like to be in a body but not be of that body.

This could be the biggest philosophical breakthrough of all time! Imagine the response from dear old Plato if he was still around. The consciousness of Lia Thomas or whatever his real name is, floats about inside his body like goldfish at constant equilibrium with the water inside its bowl; IN THE BOWL BUT NOT OF IT! Drop the bowl on the floor and smash it, and there will be the goldfish flapping about, free.

Another term for ‘consciousness’ is ‘soul’, proving that the soul is not only independent of the body, but will not die if and when the body dies. The soul is therefore immortal.!

One important question remains. Does this apply to all souls, or just to the souls of trans types.? If just to the latter, I should imagine that there will soon enough be a trans-rush, to make the 19thC gold rush to the Klondike look like a Sunday school picnic.


(Sorry about all the block caps. But there are not too many days AS EXCITING AS THIS.!!!)

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