Guest post: The simple accusation of “bigotry”

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on None of the above.

It is a movement full of people who think that because bigots accuse the group of various misbehaviors, anybody accusing them as individuals of that behavior can be dismissed as a bigot, thus giving them some cover to act according to the stereotype.

One of Jason Stanley’s twitter-troll defenders has pointed out, in reference to Jane Clare Jones that “most scholars don’t have PowerPoints on hand to explain why they aren’t Nazis.”

So one is supposed to stay silent in the face of baseless accusations? Because no genderist has EVER made unfounded claims of hatred, violence and trans-genocide. They would NEVER do that. Never ever. But “misgender” them and they’ll fucking bury you.

The simple accusation of “bigotry” allows any critique or comment from the accused to be ignored, with no need to provide any evidence for the validity of said accusation. At all. In fact, ignoring the points made by people accused of being “Nazis” or “Fascists” or “TERFs” becomes a moral duty. “NO DEBATE!” Blanket, pre-emptive accusations of ultra-right association saves trans activists a lot of work, in the short term, but it keeps them from having to sharpen their debating skills. Maybe not the best strategy in the long run, though. Somehow, somewhere along the line, you’re actually going to have to argue your case to someone and convince them.* Use it or lose it. Some people have been lulled into a false sense of unanswerable moral superiority while they’ve let their debate muscles go soft and flabby, as evidenced by how well Mr. 200 Years has been faring.

*Though the degree of success the movement has achieved through institutional capture and backroom dealing has been extraordinary. But someone was bound to complain, and complain publicly. Women. They forgot about women.Trans activists sought to do a quiet end run around the rights of women. Turns out that was the easy part. They thought that once their fait was accomplied, that would be the end of it, they would have their way unopposed. They completely underestimated the anger and organizational skills of women, who’ve had centuries of practice dealing with being fucked over, figuratively and literally.

Whatever success you’ve had in secret, once the doors are opened and lights are turned on, you’ve got to make your case. If you have no case to make, then the jig is up, and you’re left with nothing but brute power and emotional blackmail to hold onto whatever gains you’ve made. I believe we are, in some jurisdictions at least, well into the beginning of this phase. I believe the tide is turning, with women in the UK in the vanguard.

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