Is being urged

There’s nothing like starting a news story with an agentless passive voice claim that doesn’t mean anything.

The Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) is being urged to reconsider its decision to ban transgender women from female contact rugby competitions due to fears it will set a “dangerous precedent” in other sports.

Oooooh really? By whom? You? Your cat?

That’s such crappy manipulative sneaky concern-mongering disguised as journalism; there ought to be professional standards against that kind of thing.

What about the fears of other dangerous precedents, like the dangerous precedent of letting men take over women’s sports? I urge the Irish Independent to pay attention to that, and to skip the passive voice intro in the future.

Para 2:

Equality groups and rugby clubs have described the move as “regressive and disappointing”.

Equality groups and rugby clubs have described the move as about fucking time.

A spokesperson for Emerald Warriors RFC, Ireland’s first LGBTQ+ inclusive rugby team, said the “blanket ban on a section of our community” was hugely disappointing and regressive.

No, what’s disappointing and regressive is allowing men to invade women’s sports. Women are part of “our community” too you know – quite a large part.

The club said the move “further reduces spaces for transgender people to exist safely”, affecting rugby, sport and society.

What about spaces for women to exist safely? Why do men who call themselves trans get to overrule women’s safety?

“This step does not follow the values of our game,” the club said. “We are gravely concerned with the messaging to transgender youth, their families, friends and allies clearly making them no longer welcome in rugby.”

That’s a lie. The messaging is “play on the team that matches your sex.” Being welcome in rugby can’t be dependent on men both cheating and ruining women’s sport by playing on women’s teams. That would make women unwelcome in rugby.

Moninne Griffith, co-director of Trans Equality Together, said: “It is setting a dangerous precedent for other Irish sporting organisations to follow their lead in banning trans players.”

Trans players are not banned.

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