Meet the firm

Some news about the law firm that is planning to sue the Tavistock GIDS:

The U.K.-based plaintiffs firm PGMBM, which operates as a partnership between British, Brazilian and American lawyers, is launching an office in Rio de Janeiro following a significant win for claimants harmed by a dam collapse at a mine co-operated by BHP Inc. in Brazil.

The firm is also changing its name globally, and will now be known as Pogust Goodhead.

The firm has secured a series of high-profile litigation wins over the past 12 months.

In addition to the court victory against BHP, Pogust Goodhead notched a settlement in May on behalf of 15,000 claimants against the Volkswagen Group, and in 2021 it won an award for 16,000 victims of a British Airways data breach. 

Maybe the source is a public relations outfit pretending to be a legal news outlet, but at any rate Pogust Goodhead doesn’t seem to be a couple of mail-order lawyers in a garage.

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