No need to read the book before slamming it

At least I’m not the only one who thinks so.

I would put it more strongly, or at least affirmatively – everywhere in this piece I get the impression that the author has not read the book.

If she had read the book she wouldn’t bother telling us how Rolling Stone describes it, she would just describe it herself.

The book centers the story of Edie Ledwell, a popular cartoonist who, according to the official description, is “persecuted by a mysterious online figure” — and ultimately found dead — after her cartoon was criticized for being racist, ableist and transphobic (at least partly over a bit involving “a hermaphrodite worm,” Rolling Stone reports).

In one sentence we get “the official description” complete with link, and a direct quote from Rolling Stone complete with link. That’s someone who has not read the book. She hasn’t read it, but she feels very comfortable maligning it to a national audience via what used to be the decent grownup public radio network.

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