Or on the prairies

Sally Hines as FGEN issued a “statement” (aka a blog post) last March:

FGEN is an international network of feminist academics and others whose aims are wholly political in that we seek to oppose transphobia wherever it becomes apparent – whether in a university in Central London or on the prairies of the midwestern United States. 

So, the F shouldn’t be there at all. It’s not a feminist network, it’s an anti-“transphobia” network, i.e. a network dedicated to insisting that men are women if they say they are and no one is allowed to disagree. No feminism in sight.

We aim to promote the human rights of trans and gender diverse people worldwide to end the exclusion of trans people, and to provide an authoritative voice against the increasing transphobia masquerading as scholarship in academia.

So why do we call ourselves feminist? To deceive! Mind you, Sally Hines would say it’s to take feminism back from the evil terfs, but that’s the same thing.

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