Arguing about this again n again n again

Sally Hines, remember, is an academic.

First – what’s this “for me” shit? It’s not a “for me” thing. A “for me” thing would be, say, the best novel or the worst brand of toothpaste or the ideal career. Other examples of not “for me” questions:

What is a

  • bird
  • car
  • cactus
  • library
  • star
  • map
  • orange

Definitions will vary depending on the asker and the answerer; they will be less or more technical, less or more basic, less or more precise – but they won’t start with “It depends on who you are.”

Second – it’s just so stupid. “Feeling” you are something doesn’t make you that thing except when the thing is purely subjective. You can “feel” you are spiritual and that probably means you are, but other than that catgory, just feeling your way into being something doesn’t work. It’s as if Sally Hines, academic, believes in magic.

You can say it when it’s okay, but not when it isn’t. You can’t say it when someone has just shouted “TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN.” It’s very forbidden to respond with “Trans women are trans women.”

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