They have been in the trenches for too long

Meanwhile the more humdrum forms of oppression and silencing continue.

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter has no right to public funds or grants say trans activists, arguing that’s because the shelter won’t provide services to trans women.

The shelter is up for a community service grant, which they have received in the past.

But trans activist Morgane Oger says the shelter shouldn’t qualify for city grants because it denies services to trans women.

Morgane Oger, a man who Identifies As a woman, is working hard to get funding taken away from a women’s shelter because it doesn’t provide services to men who Identify As women. I think it’s pretty safe to say Morgan Oger hates women.

“If Vancouver rape relief were to be looking for federal funding, they would be denied on the basis of their actions,” Oger adds. “An organization that discriminates against people on the basis of fundamentally protective rights should always be denied public taxpayers funding. Whether it’s in the form of charity receipts or indirect funding.”

So I guess that means – according to Oger – that women can’t have anything that’s for women only? And that if they try he will do his best to get it taken away from them?

Oger says a small group of speakers will attend Wednesday’s council meeting to voice their concerns and ask staff to reconsider giving VRR a community services grant.

“I do understand that they have fought since day one for women’s rights and sometimes people that have been in the trenches, they have been in the trenches for too long,” says Oger.

Wow. Yeah, those old hags have been there too long, shut them down to make way for hot young men who Identify As women.

And it worked; Oger got his way:

Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter says it would sooner turn down important funding from the City of Vancouver than change its policies, which currently exclude trans people from many of its services.

City hall heard a number of heated presentations Wednesday night, during which trans people spoke against the organization receiving renewed funding from the city. Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung made a proposal, which passed on Thursday, that will compel the anti-violence support group to open up all of its services to include trans people or not get funding from the city.

“Trans people” – so women can’t have women’s shelters any more, at least in Vancouver, because they have to be for women and trans people now. So if a man wants access to a woman who is trying to escape him, all he has to do is go to the women’s shelter where she has taken refuge and say he identifies as a woman. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Kirby-Yung made the proposal — which came in the form of an amendment to an existing motion on grants — because she wants trans people to feel welcome and included.

“I am personally concerned that they’re limiting their services to focus on women who are born biologically women at birth, and not wanting to provide a full suite of services to trans women or other people who identify as women,” she said.

So I wonder why Kirby-Yung thinks it’s more important for trans women and “other people who identify as women” to feel welcome and included than it is for women to feel and be safe. I wonder why Kirby-Yung thinks it’s so urgent for men who identify as women to have cuddly happy feels than it is for actual women to escape violent men.

Updating to add the tweet that alerted me to the story this morning:

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