Out in the cold

A small news item from Williamsburg, Kentucky.

A homeless shelter in Williamsburg will no longer accept women as a way to stop people from having sex.

Allow me to do an editorial tweak of that sentence: In an effort to prevent people from having sex on the premises, a homeless shelter in Williamsburg will now turn away homeless women.

The director at Emergency Christian Ministries said people are having sex at the shelter and they cannot accept that.

“It seems like these last days it’s getting worse … the ungodly type,” Director Billy Woodward said.

About 10 to 12 women were asked to leave the shelter over the past two weeks.

Of course. Using a similar line of reasoning, Tim Hunt told a group of women scientists that women should be in separate labs. Using a similar line of reasoning, some states force women to wear concealing tents whenever they go outside. Using a similar line of reasoning, some Islamist student groups try to impose gender segregated seating at their events. The reasoning is that men are the people, and women are the devilish distraction, so of course it’s women who have to be shut out, including shut out of actual shelter when they’re homeless.

Woodward said in some cases, they will not accept children either.

“Right now, no because of the female factor,” Woodward said.

However, Woodward added he would accept a male child if his father and he were homeless.

Because men and boys are people, who have needs. Women and girls are not people, and don’t have needs.

Also if somebody has to be turned away from the only homeless shelter in town, it totally makes sense that it should be men, since men are so much more vulnerable to rape and violence than women are.

Woodward said he made his decision based on the Bible. He said what was happening at the shelter was sinful.

He told us he is not saying women are the cause of the “sex problem.”

“It takes two to do that,” he said. “We are not biased or prejudice whatsoever.”

He says he’s not saying women are the cause of the sinful shelter-sex, but he’s turning them away from shelter anyway. So all he’s saying is that women don’t matter.

I’ll refrain from muttering about mangers and inns.

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