Queer as folk

Freedom From Religion Foundation tweets from its conference in San Antonio:

What’s a queer woman? I don’t know what people mean when they say that. I assume they don’t mean lesbian, because if they had they would have just said lesbian. Wouldn’t they? Has “lesbian” somehow become too shady to use? Is it seen as terfy? Is it exclooosianary? Is it Karenish?

She certainly doesn’t present herself as “queer”…unless “queer” now has such esoteric meanings that it has reversed itself and is synonymous with “mainstream.” She wears makeup and nail polish, she has wavy blonde hair, she wears a pink cardigan, she has a pleasant smile. Her work life doesn’t seem very “queer” either.

Megan Hunt is an entrepreneur and small business owner, community activist, and mother representing the Nebraska Legislature in District 8.

So far so mainstream. So…”queer” how?

I suppose “updating the Sex Ed. curriculum” means telling the kids people can change sex and what sex you are is determined by what’s in your head.

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