Regardless of their legal status

From Fair Play for Women:

The Inner Court of Session in Scotland has ruled that guidance issued alongside the census, which informs transgender people they can register as male or female regardless of their legal status, was lawful.

So what does the legal system in Scotland think a census is? Just a kind of diary? A thingy where people get to tell us about their innermost selves? While we pay no attention because we’re too busy talking about our own innermost selves?

It seems pretty silly to throw away money on a “census” that isn’t a census, and it also seems pretty silly to have an inaccurate “census” – that isn’t a census because it permits counterfactual answers.

This means that the census in Scotland in 2022 will not collect clear and reliable data on sex.

In the words of the Scottish Government’s counsel “the census is a ten yearly collection of data from the population used to inform strategic policy and allocation of resources and understanding of the country’s population”. The ability of public authorities and researchers to use the data from this year’s census for this purpose has now been damaged.

It’s a collection of data – not a collection of fee-fees. You can’t inform policy and allocate resources and understand the country’s population if you tell people “Go ahead and lie about yourself on the census.”

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