They believe he should be sidelined

The Washington Post admits some of the truth, which makes a change.

Sixteen members of the University of Pennsylvania women’s swimming team sent a letter to school and Ivy League officials Thursday asking that they not take legal action challenging the NCAA’s recently updated transgender policy. That updated directive has the potential to prevent Penn swimmer Lia Thomas from competing at next month’s NCAA championships,and the letter indicates the 16 other swimmers believe their teammate should be sidelined.

Thomas, a transgender woman who swims for the Quakers women’s team, competed for the Penn men’s team for three seasons. After undergoing more than two years of hormone replacement therapy as part of her transition, she has posted the fastest times of any female college swimmer in two events this season. The letter from Thomas’s teammates raised the question of fairness and said she was taking “competitive opportunities” away from them — namely spots in the Ivy League championship meet, where schools can only send about half of their rosters to compete.

And, of course, what they say is true. He is taking opportunities away from them. If he were a woman that would be fair, and what athletic competition is all about; since he’s a man, it’s not fair at all.

The NCAA swimming championships are scheduled for March 16-19, and Thomas has qualified for multiple events. She seemingly will be allowed by the NCAA to compete because it is phasing in its new transgender policy in three stages, the first of which covers this year’s championships in winter and spring sports.

People are oh so slowly starting to figure it out, but while they continue to stare in befuddlement Thomas will take advantage of their “phasing in” and “three stages” to grab his prizes while he can. What a fine principled generous young man he is.

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