Under fire

Wales Online tries to monster a woman for not believing trans ideology:

A Cardiff Labour council candidate has come under fire after voicing her views on gender identity. Sue Lent, a Labour council candidate for Plasnewydd, posted to her public Facebook page suggesting that trans people are “brainwashed.”

And? Does Wales Online think all this transing just happened spontaneously? Nothing to do with social influence at all?

When questioned about her comments and views, Ms Lent told WalesOnline she found the topic of trans children “difficult” and said that people experiencing gender dysphoria “need counselling”, despite NHS Wales stating that they support the banning of therapy to change somebody’s gender and sexuality.

And? Are people not allowed to disagree with something NHS Wales says? Is NHS Wales infallible? Also it’s a large mistake to lump trying to change people’s sexuality together with questioning the new gender ideology.

“My main concern is the aspect of children being influenced to think that they’ve got something called a gender identity, which was an unheard of concept until fairly recently,” she explained.

“I have a sex, I don’t have a gender identity. I think the whole idea of gender identity is very regressive. We’re now seeing a whole generation of a whole group of girls who have damaged their bodies, and then are regretting it. Because as teenagers they’ve been led to believe that because they like their hair short or they’ve been disturbed by puberty or whatever that therefore, they’re really boys.

“Many of these girls are actually lesbians, but they’ve been made to think that possibly, they’re actually boys. It’s very anti lesbian as well. The whole gender ideology is, in the end, quite homophobic. I have every sympathy with anybody who’s got gender dysphoria, [and I] think they need counselling.”

She sounds like a comrade.

Updating to add: Yay, she accepted my friend request on Facebook. Solidarity foreva.

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