You are being monitored

Endless relentless nagging:

Staff at the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) have been told they should not use the terms “gender critical” and “protecting women and girls” in order to be trans allies, The Telegraph can disclose.

But what if they want to be allies to women? What if they are women? What if they think being an ally to women – half of humanity – is vastly more urgent than being ally to a tiny minority of humanity in thrall to a delusion?

Thousands of officials were emailed for “transgender awareness week” and told it was “vital that we keep scaremongering and misinformation at bay”, with trans hate crimes up 56 per cent in a year.

“It is vital that we scaremonger and misinform about scaremongering and misinformation.”

Civil servants are warned in an introduction to the glossary: “It is important to recognise these words and phrases, understand their context and educate those you hear using them about the reasons why their use can be deemed offensive or upsetting, as people may have unknowingly used a term without being familiar with its meaning.

“Whilst passing uses of these phrases might not be considered misconduct, the importance of challenging their use cannot be overstated.”

“You must obsess about trans people all the time, every minute of every day, and you must police the language and thoughts of everyone you know or bump into in the corridor.”

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