A snip at £450 million

The Telegraph on the NHS organ inventory lunacy:

Doctors are being asked to tick whether patients have a penis or vagina under a new NHS medical form being rolled out at some hospitals.  

Medics are being faced with “nonsensical” forms asking for a patient’s “organ inventory” at NHS hospitals using a new £450 million IT system.

The new “sexual orientation and gender identity form” makes up part of someone’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR) on the new system, regardless of the care or relevance to any treatment they are receiving.

It’s kind of like getting used to a new laptop – all kinds of bells and whistles you didn’t ask for and don’t want.

It asks for information around a patient’s sexual orientation, gender, sex assigned at birth, preferred pronouns, if they have transitioned, to what extent, and what future plans they have, if any, to change gender.

It’s the normalization plan. Pretend that almost everyone wants to have special gourmet gender idenninies, and that if you don’t you’re weird and abnormal and kind of wrong.

The medical forms then go on to ask staff to fill in “organs the patient currently has”, “organs present at birth”, “organs surgically enhanced or constructed” and “organs hormonally enhanced”.

It looks even crazier the second time we read it, doesn’t it.

The forms also provide default answers to questions. For example around gender identity, a patient will be by default labelled as “cisgender”, a term used to describe someone who identifies as the sex they were born as.

No, a term used by a few lunatics to describe people who aren’t trans, in other words 99.9 percent of people.

“People are automatically cisgender unless they are classed as trans, even though most people in a hospital wouldn’t know what that means, let alone being classified as something,” a staff member familiar with the new system said.

Well quite. It’s like putting a label on people who aren’t from Mars, or 100 feet tall, or 500 years old. We don’t need to label people as not-this-thing-nobody-is. Everybody is “cis.” Some people claim not to be, but they’re either delusional or lying.

Women’s rights campaigners have blamed activists for trying to impose it “by stealth”.

Helen Joyce, author and director of advocacy at Sex Matters, said the “anti-scientific fringe ideology has been imported wholesale from America”.

Sorry. Sorry sorry sorry. I apologize for my people.

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