Willoughby is furious.

Look at the fake man calling the lesbian gay bisexual alliance “fake.”

Such a liar. It’s not about “barring trans people from loos.” Single-sex spaces bar men from women’s loos [and women from men’s].

Which is why “LGBT” is such a manipulative label. Why would lesbians want men in women’s toilets? The interests of the T are not the same as the interests of the L.

Notice what he doesn’t mention. A day for women. He doesn’t like to mention women. I wonder why that might be. (Kidding. We all know why.)

What “inequality” does he think he’s talking about? It’s not “inequality” for him to be kept out of women’s toilets and scholarships and prizes.

Oh no it’s only a few years old! While this ludicrous gender ideology is older than the Acropolis, right?

He has one bit of good news.

Awesome. Stand down and be quiet.

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