Do you want marmalade on that?

Berry gender muffin:

Children as young as seven might be a “mixed berry gender fluid muffin”, teachers have been told in a sex education resource promoted by the Welsh Government.

That’s sex education? What would sex-non-education look like? What would sex fiction look like? How is it education to tell teachers children might be muffins? Sure, it’s a metaphor, but it’s a metaphor for a fantasy aiding a let’s pretend elucidating a fairy tale.

The 170-page “Agenda” pamphlet, which has been promoted to all schools in Labour-run Wales, claims that biological sex “is not just ‘male’ and ‘female’” and lectures teachers on how some “want to change our gender pronouns (eg. from he to she) or want to be ‘agender’”, where they have no gender.

Uh huh, yup, right, got it – except none of that is actually true, it’s a story, and a new story at that. You don’t want to be teaching stories as fact – not the Jesus story, not the Mo story, not the berry muffin story.

An investigation by The Telegraph found last week that pupils in some secondary schools have been told there are 100 genders and children are being taught gender fluidity as fact in some major academy trusts and independent schools, which led to Rishi Sunak ordering an urgent review this week.

Why stop at 100? Why not one hundred billion trillion?

Stonewall, the LGBT+ charity, said: “It is important that these claims are not allowed to whip up a ‘moral panic’ with the goal of banning age-appropriate inclusive RSHE altogether.”

Better no RSHE than RSHE from lalaland.

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