Durdy trix

A new front is opened in Musk’s war on all of us. Nick Cohen explains:

If you follow the tech news, you will know that Elon Musk has gone to war against Substack. He wants to punish it for launching a feature called Notes, which he fears may compete with his increasingly rickety Twitter platform.

Yesterday morning I found that no one could retweet Substack links to my pieces. By the evening, Musk had lifted the ban. But if Twitter users clicked on a link, they received a warning that made it sound as if they were about to enter the dark web.

It’s true. I tried it and sure enough I got the warning. Furthermore, I was unable to reply to Nick’s tweet telling him so. I had to send him a DM to tell him Musk appears to have blocked replies to him. What a shit that man is.

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