Guest post: Social media influencer failure

Originally a comment by Rev David Brindley on The customer shouted negatively.

Is there a pattern here?

Non-binary social media influencer Deni Todorovic has detailed the moment a baggage issue at Melbourne airport led to an encounter with Australian Federal Police (AFP), causing them to miss their initial flight to Sydney for Australian Fashion Week.

The 34-year-old, who goes by they/them pronouns, claims they were checking in their luggage to a Jetstar flight on Monday when the weight of one of their bags triggered an alleged verbal dispute with airline staff.

Todorovic, who was accompanied by their mother at the time, said their bag was an extra 10.5kg in weight which they said came with a surcharge of $100.

“I started yelling, yelling, yelling, yelling,” they told The Daily Telegraph after landing in Sydney the following day for Fashion Week’s Erik Yvon show.

So, the airline staff did their jobs, requested payment for the overweight luggage, and instead of either paying or calmly trying to negotiate a lower fee, “I started yelling, yelling”. I’m not sure that has ever worked as a negotiating tactic post kindergarten.

The model last made headlines a few weeks ago when they rallied against labels and brands they previously worked with including Bonds and gin brand Tanqueray.

Prior to this, the model copped backlash for their statement “some women have penises” after responding to criticism regarding a photo featuring Todorovic in lime green Seafolly bikini bottoms.

I’ve seen this movie before, and it doesn’t get any better on subsequent viewings. But, here is a new one.

Queer activist Deni Todorovic’s Australian Fashion Week woes have continued, with the social media influencer being denied entry to an event by someone they “thought was a friend”.

The non-binary 34-year-old, who goes by they/them pronouns, was forced to spend Wednesday night in their Sydney hotel room after security guards said they weren’t invited to a fashion show on day three of the event.

“I was just refused entry to a fashion show by someone I thought was a friend,” Todorovic shared in an Instagram story on their backup account @hellodarlingsmedia.

Who knew that gatecrashing a major event wasn’t socially acceptable? Not only ill-informed about how sex works, but Todi is also unsure about who his friends are and who invited him. Was it the security guard, as it seems from his above quote? No, it was former WAG and drug snorter turned fashionista, Nadia Bartell.

It’s understood Todorovic was making their way to Nadia Bartel’s offsite Henne runway at St Barnabas in Ultimo when they were turned away from the venue.


According to The Daily Telegraph’s Confidential, Todorovic never received an invitation to the event with sources telling the paper they weren’t a friend of the designer.

As we say in this Great Land Down Under – What a fucking wanker!

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