Guest post: The old switcheroo

Originally a comment by Lady Mondegreen on Top of the roller coaster.

there are, of course, zero trans people who think, “people are or can be the other sex”

I have in fact seen trans-identified people claiming just that. But it’s a motte-and-bailey: argue trans activists and their allies into a corner and then OF COURSE, nobody is claiming that trans people really are the other sex! They know very well they’re not!–

–and then we’re lectured endlessly about intersex conditions, which supposedly support the TRA claim that Sex Is Not Binary. We’re told that sex is assigned at birth–yes, sometimes the word used is “gender”, but there’s also “assigned male at birth” and “assigned female at birth.” (AMAB and AFAB.) Sophie LaBelle’s comic about a little trans girl who talks like a twenty year old college activist is titled “Assigned Male.”

I have a screenshot of the ACLU’s Chase Strangio, tweeting that

“Biological sex” is not a fixed scientific concept but an ideological one….We are assigned sex at birth….Our bodies are bodies, not male bodies or female bodies

And in the Washington Post, just a few days ago, Jennifer Finney Boylan assured us that:

All the science tells us, in the end, is that a biological male — or female — is not any one thing, but a collection of possibilities.

But nobody is saying “people are or can be the other sex.” Nobody. Zero. Nope. Nada.

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