A letter to the Guardian wants us to know that Mormonism IS NOT SILLY.

While it was heartening to read that Lucy Mangan found those featured in the documentary The Mormons Are Coming to be “lovely – gentle, kind, sincere” (TV review, 28 February), her comment that they were “fill[ing] people’s emotional voids with their lies” attempted to perpetuate the derogatory caricature that Mormons are hapless simpletons.

But supernatural religious claims are just that: supernatural.

The review took aim at what Mangan termed “the essential absurdity” of Joseph Smith’s claim to have received ancient records from an angel. I doubt such remarks would be used to describe Moses before the burning bush, or Gabriel’s appearance to the prophet Muhammad.

Sure they would. The ones that mention Mohammed might be scarcer in the Guardian, but there are plenty of unabashed atheists who write for it and say unabashedly atheist things.

Sorry, but essential absurdity is part of the package.

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