No no you decide

Consultation, we must have consultation, we just don’t know what to think without consultation.

The FA is to consider letting footballers in England decide for themselves if they play in men’s or women’s teams.

Brilliant. The FA is to consider letting male footballers decide for themselves if they cheat.

The football governing body said it was in the process of “consulting with and listening to” its counterpart associations around the world about how to tackle the participation of transgender women in female sport.

Why is only that something to “tackle”?

Because it’s grossly unfair and physically dangerous to women, that’s why. Women playing on men’s teams harm only themselves so nobody cares, but men playing on women’s teams harm women, so it’s necessary to knit our brows and puzzle about whether or not that’s ok before we decide sure it’s ok, because women don’t matter.

Bonus: we get to pretend this is ultra-enlightened and compashnut and progressive.

Among those it is liaising with is thought to be the German football association (DFB) which this season introduced a policy of allowing transgender and non-binary players at an amateur level chose for themselves which teams they should play for.

It means transgender women are not required to lower their testosterone levels to play in women’s teams.

Sure guys, go right ahead, it’s only bitches after all.

DFB diversity ambassador Thomas Hitzlsperger has hailed the approach being taken in Germany and said that the FA had been in touch to better understand the policy.

The English football governing body is looking at what policy it should adopt on the matter.

An FA spokesperson told BBC Sport: “Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do at the FA and we are passionate about celebrating and supporting the diversity of our national game.”

By “diversity” they mean trashing women’s sports and physically injuring women. Such inclusion! So diverse!

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