Scold’s bridle

More gag ordering for Trump:

US District Judge Tanya Chutkan has put into writing her limited gag order that bars Donald Trump from making public statements about witnesses who might testify against him in the federal election subversion case as well as prosecutors and court staff.

Trump’s public statements pose “grave threats to the integrity of these proceedings,” especially those that could be construed as harassment and intimidation, Chutkan said in the order released Tuesday.

The written order expands upon what Chutkan articulated during Monday’s hearing about restricting what Trump can say while awaiting trial.

I’m seeing a lot of headlines saying it won’t make a damn bit of difference.

Trump has publicly railed against the so-called gag order, calling it “unconstitutional” and vowing to appeal.

Like he knows what’s constitutional and what isn’t. Please.

Chutkan made clear that the main reason she is imposing the order is that Trump’s statements could prompt intimidation and harassment. She pointed in particular to his statements about special counsel Jack Smith and his office and possible witnesses like former Attorney General Bill Barr, Gen. Mark Milley and Pence, as well as his statements about court staff in a civil fraud case he’s facing in New York.

“Defendant has made those statements to national audiences using language communicating not merely that he believes the process to be illegitimate, but also that particular individuals involved in it are liars, or ‘thugs,’ or deserve death,” Chutkan said in the written order. “The court finds that such statements pose a significant and immediate risk.”

That’s exactly why he makes them.

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