The Antarctic overturning will slow

This doesn’t sound good at all.

Deep ocean currents around Antarctica headed for collapse, study finds

Cold water that sinks near Antarctica drives the deepest flow of the overturning circulation—a network of currents that spans the world’s oceans. The overturning carries heat, carbon, oxygen and nutrients around the globe. This influences climate, sea level and the productivity of marine ecosystems.

“Our modeling shows that if global carbon emissions continue at the current rate, then the Antarctic overturning will slow by more than 40 percent in the next 30 years—and on a trajectory that looks headed towards collapse,” says Prof England.

With a collapse of this deep ocean current, the oceans below 4000 meters would stagnate.

“This would trap nutrients in the deep ocean, reducing the nutrients available to support marine life near the ocean surface,” says Prof England.

So everything that lives on the nutrients will starve, so everything that lives on everything that lives on the nutrients will starve. I have a feeling that’s a lot of animals, including human ones.

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