We hate hatred except our own hatred

Good grief.

Yet again they honoo and stannd wif the “2SLGBTQIA+” memmers of our communinnee…while of course they don’t “stand with” those boring evil hags known as “women.” If only women could be done away with altogether! And they “stand against hate in all its forms” – except of course they don’t. This very statement reeks of hatred. They hate women who talk back, they hate women who are just women instead of trans women. They hate women who have their own opinions and think they get to utter them. They hate women who don’t just shut up and obey.

Trans rights are human rights, they intone like robots. But what are “trans rights”? For the billionth time, obviously trans rights should have human rights, but what are trans rights? How can we agree anyone should have them when they’re not spelled out?

They promise to confront all forms of hate while they’re in the very act of inciting hatred against feminist women who don’t want trans “activists” to destroy women’s rights. They’re inciting hatred in this very (shockingly childish and crude) “statement.”

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