Events that promote hate

Speaking of hating feminism…

“We do not permit events etc that promote hate” and we’ve decided you promote hate.

But Standing for Women doesn’t “promote hate” of trans people, it promotes clarity on who is a woman and who is not. That’s not hate and it’s not promotion of hate…but It Has Been Decided that yes it is. How are these decisions made, exactly?

Consider the endless ongoing struggle against racism. Does opposing racism equal hatred of white people? Does opposing homophobia equal hatred of straight people? Does union organizing equal hatred of owners and bosses? Does pacifism equal hatred of the military and/or political leaders who trigger wars?

You could say yes to all those, I guess. There’s always an element of opposition, necessarily – if there were nothing to oppose there would be no struggle, no movement, no campaign. They’re all about something, they all contest a status quo, so they’re all oppositional, so there is potentially hatred for at least situations and arrangements and institutions, and thus potentially for the people in charge.

So how do you choose? If you’re Eventbrite do you reject pacifists and anti-racism activists? Or is it only feminists who say men are not women who are seen as too oppositional to promote?

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