To promote this worthy cause

Hey kids of all ages, looking for a fun new Halloween experience? The West Midlands police have just the thing for you!

The West Midlands force used its Facebook page to advertise a charity event that will see thrillseekers pay £75 to bed down in Birmingham’s old Steelhouse Lane lock-up.

The message said: ‘These cells were occupied by none other than the original Peaky Blinders, Fred West and many more. Be there if you dare!’

That’s serial murderer of women Fred West, who killed at least 12 young women, at least 8 of whom were raped, bound, tortured, and mutilated.

Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality Party, said: ‘We have seen the glorification of violence against women used to sell all manner of things. To see police turn it into a funfair experience shows that they either don’t understand the root causes of the violence, don’t see the extent of it or don’t care about it.’

Or they just think it’s funny.

West Midlands Police said the event, organised by a third party, was to raise funds for a charity helping victims of modern slavery.

‘West’s name was used to promote this worthy cause,’ a spokesman said.

‘On reflection the organiser has agreed that using his name was insensitive and has, therefore, removed it from any advertising of this event.’

Try reflecting sooner next time.

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