“Welcome to the most un-PC event of the year,” he roared

From the Financial Times:

At 10pm last Thursday night, Jonny Gould took to the stage in the ballroom at London’s Dorchester Hotel. “Welcome to the most un-PC event of the year,” he roared. The sports broadcaster was there to host a charity auction — the centrepiece of a secretive annual event, the Presidents Club Charity Dinner.

The purpose is to – wink wink – raise money for Good Causes…but – nudge nudge – not really.

It’s for men only; the “entertainment” included 130 women who were told to wear “skimpy black outfits with matching underwear and high heels.” At a party afterwards, to the astonishment of everyone, many of the women were groped and propositioned.

The event has been a big deal for 33 years but it’s flown under the radar, presumably because the riffraff haven’t been allowed within a mile of it. The FT sent a couple of reporters to work undercover as hostesses. During the six hour event many of the hostesses were the target of “groping, lewd comments and repeated requests to join diners in bedrooms” in the oh so posh Dorchester.

The agency that hired the women warned them that they would likely face “annoying” men and that for some it’s a job they never want to do again. They’re given instructions on sexy makeup and hair and shoes. When they arrive on the day, guess what’s the first thing they have to do.

Sign a five page non-disclosure agreement without being allowed to read it or keep a copy.

But hey, it raises a lot of money for charity, so who cares how it goes about it, eh?

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