Where he is frequently called a man

The Herald [Scotland] helps Willoughby push his narrative:

Britain’s first transgender newsreader has spoken of her surprise at being nominated as Woman of the Year amid an increasingly hostile debate about trans people. 

India Willoughby, known for presenting Loose Women, said she hoped it would be a “small green shoot” for the trans community and a sign that “most mums, grandmas, sisters are on our side”. 

Writing exclusively for The Herald, the outspoken broadcaster spoke candidly about her experiences of abuse on social media, where she says she is frequently called a “groomer”, “paedophile”, and a “man”. 

The reporter who wrote this tripe is a woman. News flash: Willoughby himself is highly abusive on Twitter. The Herald should quote some of his gems.

Ms Willoughby said: “Maybe it’s just that some of my sisters are starting to see the injustice of it all, and are tired of the anti-trans movement using them and the phrase ‘women’s rights’ to justify an irrational hatred and bigotry of 0.2% of the population.

“Whatever the reason, I hope the trans community see this as a small green shoot. We are not alone. Most mums, grandmas, sisters are on our side.”

The side of men who claim to be women and who help themselves to everything that belongs to women, including even Woman of the Year contests.

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