Wearing the Versace top

Bro journalist at the Herald talks to celebrity bro-woman India Willoughby. First sentence:

INDIA Willoughby is sitting at her kitchen table in Newcastle wearing the Versace top she bought as a treat after appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.

The scene is set! This is a woman he’s talking to. Womany womany womany woman. No self-respecting man wears a “top.” That’s laydee territory. No man buys himself a “top” as a “treat” – that’s a totally effeminate girly womany female feminine womany womany thing to do. ARE WE CLEAR???

Willoughby says he gets threats.

“Somebody will get killed. That’s where the rhetoric is going. Words kill, we know that. People are using their words and platforms to make people angry. If anyone is killed it will be a trans person. If that becomes Britain’s sobering moment then that’s tragic for this country, awful.”

I wonder how he thinks he knows that if anyone is killed it will be a trans person. It’s not as if women don’t get threats too.

Willoughby says trans people feel politically isolated, apart from Scotland’s SNP/Green government. “When it comes to the bigots, the scary thing is that for trans people nobody is coming to our rescue apart from Nicola Sturgeon.”

What rescue though? What rescue does he want? What more are people supposed to do?

I’m sure being trans is fraught with difficulty, but that’s mostly because of what it is, rather than opposition to the ideology’s takeover.

“The underlying narrative,” she adds, “is that trans people are frauds, out to trick you. That idea is really dangerous. The one dilemma all trans people face is telling prospective partners that you’re trans. It’s a minefield. It can be very dangerous. So creating this mood music that we’re frauds green-lights to some that we deserve a beating.”

Or, it’s the other way around. The underlying issue is that people are mostly not particularly eager to have a “prospective partner” who is the non-chosen sex, if you see what I mean. Straight people want partners of the opposite sex, lesbians and gays want partners of the same sex. That “dilemma” isn’t put there by “terfs” or women in general or feminists in general, it’s there already. It’s not our fault that 1. men aren’t going to be fooled by Willoughby and 2. straight men aren’t going to want Willoughby for a partner. I repeat: that’s not our fault. It’s not anyone’s fault.

Maybe that’s the whole of the secret sauce here. Trans people have made their romantic/sexual/marital lives vastly more difficult by being trans, and that’s not anyone’s fault. What to do? Where to direct all that energy when there’s no perpetrator? Onto women who say no, of course. Now there’s someone to fight with!

But something was changing in 2017, Willoughby believes. She noticed attitudes to trans people hardening when she appeared on Women’s Hour. “I expected a chat about being the first trans Loose Woman but as soon as I got there it was clear that this was me in the dock. Not long afterwards, this movement of just horrible people started to coalesce.”

Just horrible people are we? While Willoughby is the nicest warmest most generous loving person you’d ever want to meet?

She believes if trans rights are eroded, then gay and lesbian rights will be next, and eventually women’s rights. America’s “extremist” Christian lobby has already eroded women’s abortion rights, she adds. Trans people are “the gateway, the same people coming for us will eventually come for gays, lesbians and women”.

No, bub, you’re already coming for women, with a lot of success.

Willoughby says the rhetoric on both sides needs to calm down before someone gets hurt. She denounced any trans campaigner carrying placards like ‘Decapitate terfs’. “They shouldn’t be there. They’re helping nobody, certainly not trans people.” Willoughby has, and does use the word ‘terf’, though, defending the use of the term as it was originally coined by ‘radical feminists’. She would refrain from using it to any woman who said she found it offensive.

The generosity of the man! He knows we do “find it offensive” but he’ll keep on calling us unless we tell him personally that we “find it offensive.”

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