Wearing a pale pink hoodie

Genevive Gluck at Glinner’s site on the core reversal:

In 2018, Me Too campaigner Rose McGowan was at a Barnes and Noble bookshop in New York promoting her memoir Brave, which details the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. During a question and answer session, as Rose was discussing her grief and recovery, a trans-identified male heckled her from the crowd, saying, “We get raped more often. We go through domestic violence more often. Trans women are in men’s prisons, and what have you done for them?”

The viral video depicts a trans-identifying male with hair dyed pink, wearing a pale pink hoodie, standing among a crowd of seated patrons — who observe stoically — yelling, “This is genocide! This is the AIDs crisis all over again! This is white cis feminism!” an outburst prompted by an interview with RuPaul in 2017 wherein McGowan said that trans-identified males experience life differently from women. The heckler is peacefully removed while chanting, “White cis feminism!” in an apparent attempt to rouse the audience.

The audience wasn’t roused. Several women laughed.

After the removal of the heckler, urged on by supportive cheers, McGowan rises and shouts, “I do not subscribe to your language!” and proceeds to condemn the use of demeaning labels.

There was support from the audience, but clips from the event edited that out.

In particular, the US Women’s March organization denounced her within the day. Women’s March stated that “denying trans women’s identities is never okay,” in a tweet that also linked to trans activist Katelyn Burns’ interview with the agitator, a trans-identified male named Andi Dier. Dier claimed that those who identify as trans women are more oppressed than women, saying “When someone pulls down her pants and sees a v-gina, she won’t be murdered for it. That is not something she fears. That’s why she’s cis.”

Except of course when she is murdered for it, which is a great deal too often. Maybe Andi Dier fears violence if he tries to convince a man that he’s a woman who wants to have sex with him, but that’s a separate and quite specialized issue. It’s irrelevant to violence against women, and it’s in no way the fault of women. Why doesn’t Andi Dier run around interrupting men’s q and a sessions? Why does he target women?

Gluck did some research on Dier and found him to have some…permissive views on sex with minors. She notes that people get punished for mentioning such things.

In December 2020, while researching the influence of pornography on gender ideology, I noticed that Dier had reappeared on Reddit and Twitter, advertising homemade ’sissy’ pornography. Over the course of the past few months, Dier has been active in several subreddits, including both the r/rapefantasies and r/rape forums; the former focuses on rape-themed pornography, and the latter is a support group for victims. Even as Dier advertised in one forum by saying, “trans lesbian rapemeat needs to be f*cked straight,” he was simultaneously commenting in a support group for rape survivors. 

In other words, I take it, he’s using a support group for rape victims as fodder for rape-themed pornography. Nice guy.

To consider Andi Dier an outlier is to ignore a disturbing trend involving the normalization of dangerous sexual paraphilias and the degree to which institutions have been more concerned with protecting their public image than with defending women and children from male violence. Indeed, women are being banned from social media platforms for calling attention to male sexual abuse as well as for questioning the increasing trend of forced inclusion of male-bodied people in women’s spaces.

Whaaaaat could possibly go wrong.

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