It’s her fault

Peter Tatchell’s decision to blame feminists for the fact that a man murdered a trans woman continues to annoy everyone who sees it.

What he said:

Tracy Single is 15th trans woman of colour murdered in US this year. The tiny minority of feminists who demonise trans women as a threat to non-trans women contribute to the toxicl atmosphere that fuels prejudice, discrimination & violence

Janice Turner:

A man killed Tracy. It is overwhelmingly men who commit murder and violence against trans people. As they kill far, far greater numbers of women. Yet somehow feminists are the cause of male violence. Why not challenge men, Peter Tatchell? Your misogyny is disgraceful.

Sarah Ditum:

Tracy Single was killed by a man. Not a feminist who accepts sex is real, a man. I’m not sure why Peter is so attached to blaming women for male violence, but it gives the strong impression that he cares more about attacking women than protecting victims.

Holly Lawford-Smith:

was she murdered by a feminist, @PeterTatchell? you absolute muppet.

Julie Bindel

our misogyny is off the scale. MEN kill, rape & abuse trans women, NOT feminists. Neither do we ‘provoke’ such violence. We campaign AGAINST it. One woman is killed every 3 days by ex or current MALE partners for example. To blame us for the actions of violent men is outrageous.

Hadley Freeman:

Are you seriously blaming feminists for male violence, Peter?

It’s not helping him that a man was arrested on suspicion of murdering Tracy Single.

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