Who da bigga rat?

Cohen and Trump together again at last.

Five years after they last met in person, the former president and his self-described fixer were reunited in court on the most anticipated day yet in Donald Trump’s fraud trial.

…over several hours, Mr Cohen provided damaging testimony that repeatedly tied his own actions, and the actions of all the employees at the Trump Organization, directly to Mr Trump. Mr Cohen testified that he answered to Mr Trump, and Mr Trump alone. “Whatever issues he had, whatever created ire for him, he would bring it to me in order to resolve it,” he told the court.

Later, he said Trump personally asked him and Allen Weisselberg, the convicted ex-chief financial officer of the company, to inflate his assets “arbitrarily” by a number he had chosen. They did “whatever Mr Trump told us to,” Mr Cohen said.

In this setting, there was not much Mr Trump could offer in response aside from folded arms and a stony expression. But in the court of public opinion, Mr Trump has sought to paint his former personal counsel as a traitor and a “rat”.

Walking into court on Tuesday, he told reporters that Mr Cohen was a “proven liar” and a “felon”. “You see what his record is, he is not a credible witness,” Mr Trump said. His lawyers picked up that thread during their cross examination.

But of course Trump is a far less credible witness. A large part of the reason for this is his habit of lying constantly about everything. He does it on camera, so that we can all watch him doing it.

Judge Arthur Engoron has already ruled the Trump Organization perpetrated fraud. The current trial focuses on other charges of falsification of business records, business fraud, and conspiracy.

Fraud chapters 1-7 billion.

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