You can do a lot in 20 years

The NY Times on David Carrick:

The police officer told one woman he was the “safest person she could be with,” before threatening her with a gun and raping her repeatedly. He shut another woman in a small closet under his staircase, holding her there for hours on end. One of the women he sexually assaulted was a fellow police officer.

At a sentencing hearing in London on Monday, prosecutors laid out the shocking details of the sexual violence carried out by the officer, David Carrick, who raped, assaulted, and abused at least 12 women during his nearly two-decade police career.

That’s the thing about a police career, I suppose – it can enable predators.

Last month, after Mr. Carrick pleaded guilty, Shilpa Shah, the senior crown prosecutor in the case, said that the vast number of charges for rape and serious sexual assault over a 17-year period was “one of the most significant cases” with which prosecutors had dealt.

All the more so given that the perp is a cop.

The cases have fueled broader concerns about misogyny within policing and violence against women and girls.

Misogyny is everywhere. It’s pervasive, loud, seen as funny. It’s the water we swim in.

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