National Organization for Women (aka NOW) on Facebook three days ago:

All women should have access to the gender-affirming care they want and need, including those who are incarcerated.

They linked to an article at The 19th with the headline

Incarcerated trans women won sweeping prison reforms in Colorado

Er. Meaning what? That men who claim to be women get to be in the women’s prisons?

Yes, of course that’s what they mean. This is NOW, remember. The W stands for women.

The state signed a legal agreement meant to make prisons safer for transgender women, who are often the targets of violence and harassment.

By “safer for transgender women” they of course mean much more dangerous for women. Did I mention that this is NOW?

The piece goes on to rejoice that

Now, Colorado’s prison system must provide the same gender-affirming health care covered by state Medicaid, and trans women must have the option to be housed with other women.

Which will mean, of course, that those “other women,” the ones who have the bad taste to be just boring old real women, will not have the option to be housed with other women. Men who claim to be women will, and women will not.

This is the National Organization for Women.

Transgender women across the country face life-threatening circumstances behind bars — and the majority of them are forced to live with men. 

Because they are men. But now that will change! Now these men can live with women, while the women cannot refuse to live with the men. What progress!!! Life-threatening circumstances behind bars will be women’s alone to enjoy.

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