Flying Bats FC won every match

More on “women’s” football in New South Wales:

A women’s football competition has been branded “misogynist” after it was won by a team featuring five transgender [male] players amid accusations one had broken an opponents’ leg in two places.

Flying Bats FC won every match they played during the four-week Beryl Ackroyd Cup, including a 10-0 victory in which one of their trans players scored a double hat-trick.

Since winning [Flying Bats FC won] Sunday’s final in Sydney, Australia, 4-0, it has emerged [that] organisers had earlier held a crisis meeting, during which rival teams were warned forfeiting games against the Bats would result in disciplinary action and could even be viewed as “an act of discrimination”.

This thing is incredibly badly written, but I think we can detect the facts through the fog.

The same meeting included accusations a 6ft 2in, 14st Bats player had once broken the leg of 5ft 6in, nine-and-a-half stone opponent in two places and claims 24 of the injured player’s team-mates had quit because they did not want to face the LGBTQ+ side.

The what? A women’s football team doesn’t become “the LGBTQ+ side” by replacing 5 women with 5 men. The female players quit because they did not want to get smashed up by men.

The president of the Flying Bats, which boasts of being “the biggest LGBTQIA+ women’s and non-binary football club in the world”, told Daily Mail Australia trans women had been playing for them for at least two decades.

Yeah see that’s beside the point. Endangering and injuring women doesn’t become ok because you’ve been doing it for a long time. Same goes for trashing women’s sports.

Jennifer Peden said: “As a club, the Flying Bats FC stand strongly for inclusion, and pride ourselves on safe, respectful and fair play, the promotion of a supportive community for LGBTQIA+ players, officials and supporters, and the significant physical, social and mental health benefits that participation in sport brings, especially to marginalised members of the LGBTQIA+ community. We are a club that values our cisgender and transgender players equally.”

As a club, the Flying Bats FC stand strongly for letting men take over women’s sports, and physically injure women in the process. Rah rah.

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