How men talk about women

Uppity women are Karens, or if they’re not Karens then they’re whiny hysterical babies.

Describing a pregnant woman as “very emotional and tearful” in the workplace amounted to discrimination, a tribunal has ruled. The ruling relates to an email sent by the boss of an account manager after she raised concerns about her workload.

Roger Tynan, an employment judge, said Hinds’s boss, Nav Kalley, had stereotyped her as “an emotional, hormonal pregnant woman and that in the particular circumstances his description of her as emotional and tearful was dismissive and belittling”.

That’s one version of The Art of Making Women Shut Up and Go Away. Another is this flower:

The full tweet reads:

Beautifully nuanced & punches pulled to devastating effect . I suspect the vulva atrophied some years ago, following mucho self congratulation & over consumption of vino collapseau? Any connotation of sexual congress since, has brought a tear to her eye rather than any joy jelly leaks to the knickers…..is my guess as to why she tastes soo bitter?

I suppose it’s too much to hope that he’s in Scotland…

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