Tell us more about incitement to hatred

The Telegraph taunts the French for being just as stupid as the British about the whole knowing the difference between women and men thing. The French ffs! Cue lascivious Maurice Chevalier-type laughter.

France is failing to learn from Britain’s transgender mistakes, two French feminists who received support from JK Rowling after receiving death threats have told The Telegraph.

Dora Moutot, 36, and Marguerite Stern, 33, have been thrust into the spotlight after releasing Transmania, their bestselling gender-critical book.

Or, to put it another way, Moutot and Stern have written a bestselling gender-critical book. Naturally some spotlight goes along with that, thrust or no thrust. Meanwhile: will you look at that now?! Gender-critical book is best seller! So ha!

Making simple assertions such as “women are Homo sapiens females and men are Homo sapiens males” has become impossible without coming under attack or being censored, they wrote.

After a first run of 15,000, its publisher has printed a further 20,000 copies. However, critics, including Paris’s Socialist town hall, have branded the pair “transphobic”. Both strenuously deny the accusation.

Of course they do. We all do. It’s not phobic to know the difference. Au contraire, without the difference, there wouldn’t be any humans to know the difference or be phobic. Our existence as a species depends on the difference.

While sales have surged, they say they have been censored by many French bookshops and attacked by Paris’s Socialist town hall, which pressured the capital’s billboard company JCDecaux to pull posters advertising the book.

“Sexual orientation and gender identity are not an ideology”, said Emmanuel Grégoire, Paris’s deputy mayor, for whom “the dissemination and promotion of such discourse runs counter to the values espoused by the city of Paris. Transphobia is a crime. Hatred of others has no place in our city. Paris must not be used as a platform for this intolerance.”

Eeeesh. Where is the famous French cleverness and wit? No, “transphobia” – aka knowing that men are not women – is not a crime, even if France has been stupid enough to make laws saying it is. It’s not a crime to know which people are women and which people are men. It’s not a crime and it’s not even a phobia. It’s not even hatred. And saying hatred of others has no place in Paris is just ludicrous, especially when doing so in order to stir up hatred of the people you’re talking about. You can’t rule a basic human emotion out of a city.

The pair have been sued for “incitement to hatred” by two LBGT+ rights groups, including SOS Homophobie, which has received €350,000 in funding from Paris and “has hijacked the struggle of women to submit to trans dogma”, they assert.

Ms Moutot has also been charged with “incitement to anti-trans hatred” after appearing on a chat show in 2022 beside France’s only trans local mayor, Marie Cau, who[m] she refused to call a woman and instead described as a “trans-feminine male”. She faces a four-month suspended sentence. Ms Cau has likened the authors to “Nazis”.

Oh yeah? Well I liken Mr Cau to “Nazis” so there nyah. It’s not “Nazi” to say that a man is not a woman, and by the way why is the Telegraph calling Mr Cau “Ms”?

On Sunday [May 5], chants calling for Ms Moutot to be thrown into the Rhine in the Strasbourg protest – one of several around France against “transphobia” – were picked up on by Ms Rowling.

“As someone whose death has been demanded on placards for exactly the same reason (knowing ‘woman’ isn’t a feeling in a man’s head), I send @‌doramoutot love and solidarity,” she tweeted to her 14.1 million followers.

The pair faced even more direct threats on Monday when they turned up to give a talk on their book at Pantheon-Assas University, in Paris. Protected by 15 vans of riot police upon arrival at the university, the pair were branded “Terfs” (trans exclusionary radical feminists) by protesters chanting: “A Terf, a bullet, social justice.”

Wait which people are the Nazis here?

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