The ACLU hates women

Argh. Genevieve Gluck has a thread on the ACLU and its hatred of women, and it’s hard going. Highly informative but painful to read.

The first tweet is cut off, so I’ll just quote it.

The @ACLU hates women and is led by a gay man: a thread. One of the most powerful lobby groups in the United States pushing “gender identity” policies is the ACLU. Currently, the organization is leading the legal fight to place violent men, including sadistic killers and rapists, into women’s prisons. The executive director since 2001 is Anthony Romero. In the past the organization defended NAMBLA, asserted that child pornography is free speech, defended child marriage, took money from pornographers, and argued that sex trafficking is “work.”


The ACLU should be required to change its name. This evil shit has nothing to do with civil liberties.

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