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Is this what happens to Ex-Muslim voices?

Dec 25th, 2015 9:45 am | By

Well that’s festive. Eiynah of Nice Mangos on Twitter:

Within hours of uploading, before I even shared the link, our episode with @MaryamNamazie has been removed from @YouTube @theqpodcast

(I removed the Twitter abbreviations for ease of reading.)

Figures, doesn’t it. Mustn’t let those ex-Muslim women talk freely; must shut them down by “reporting” them to YouTube.… Read the rest

Culturally pressured

Mar 8th, 2014 4:18 pm | By

Kiran Opal has marked International Women’s Day by putting together accounts by 17 ex-Muslim women on her blog.

For those of us who have left Islam as a faith and as an identity, the pressure to stay silent is intense. For many ExMuslims, the price for speaking out about their skepticism, atheism, or agnosticism, is often very high. There is no one monolithic Muslim identity; there is nothing essentially, inherently “Muslim” about someone born into a Muslim family. Yet, for too many people, Islam has become a racialized identity. Many Muslims and non-Muslims see the Muslim identity as a race, not just a doctrine. Although ExMuslims, whether ‘out’ or ‘closeted’, do not identify as Muslim, others often insist on imposing

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