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It should give Indiana prosecutors pause

Jul 23rd, 2016 5:22 pm | By

Yesterday, in Indiana:

The Indiana Court of Appeals on Friday overturned the 2015 feticide conviction of Purvi Patel, the Northern Indiana woman whose botched, self-induced abortion became a flash point in the national debate over abortion rights.

In a 3-0 ruling, the judges said that the state feticide statute was not intended to apply to abortions, and legal experts said that — barring a successful appeal — it should give Indiana prosecutors pause before bringing similar charges against pregnant women in the future.

In its decision, the court relied heavily on how prosecutors have applied the feticide law in the past, noting that this case was an “abrupt departure” from its typical usage: cases in which a pregnant woman

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A very undue burden

Dec 24th, 2015 4:39 pm | By

Remember Purvi Patel? I blogged about her case last March 30-April 1 – here, here, here, and here. She was sentenced to twenty years in prison for having a stillborn baby.

In October PRI reported on the appeal:

Patel has now filed an appeal of that conviction with the Indiana Court of Appeals. She’s represented pro-bono by Stanford Law professor Lawrence Marshall and Indiana University law professor Joel Schumm. Marshall’s representation, in particular, shows the precedent-setting importance of her case. Marshall previously founded the Center for Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University.

“What I generally gravitate toward are cases where it seems like an intense passion has interfered with dispassionate interpretation and application of the law,”

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Apr 1st, 2015 10:13 am | By

The disgust at the prosecution and sentencing of Purvi Patel has spread to the UK. The Independent has a story:

Her lawyers say Patel, who is from a conservative Hindu family, had concealed her pregnancy from her parents and panicked when she realised she was in labour. Patel lived with and cared for her parents and infirm grandparents in a house in South Bend, Indiana.

Patel maintained that the foetus was stillborn but the prosecution argued that she gave birth to a live foetus that died within a few seconds.

“I assumed because the baby was dead there was nothing to do,” the South Bend Tribune quoted her as saying during a police interview. “I’ve never been in this

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