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So many identities they won’t fit in the basket

Sep 2nd, 2016 3:57 pm | By

Unintentional humor at Everyday Feminism, chapter 47 thousand-something.

It’s a long long long long piece by a person explaining that person is unlike everyone else and very very interesting.

Once upon a time, the term asexual served the purpose of covering anyone and everyone who didn’t feel so inclined to marry, to romance, to fuck. Homosexual, heterosexual, and asexual were the only labels worth mentioning, and covered all necessary categories.

Or so we thought.

And then along came my fabulous and ridiculously queer self, balancing on that liminal edge beyond which more precise, more nebulous, and more complicated labels lay – and I’m not the only one.

Not the only one, and yet so special and magical all the … Read the rest