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No other bids, no audit, no claims

Oct 29th, 2017 4:33 pm | By

Those terms though.

The $300 million contract that was awarded to a tiny electrical firm in Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s small Montana hometown to help rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid was revealed on Friday.

And it contained some startling terms.

First reported by Daily Beast contributor Ken Klippenstein, the contractawarded to Whitefish Energy seems to heavily favor the company.


  • $79.82 per person for food each day
  • $332.41 per person for accommodations each day
  • More than $40,000 for helicopter-related services
  • It states that, “In no event shall [government bodies] have the right to audit or review the cost and profit elements.”
  • And that the Puerto Rican government “waives any claim against contractor related to delayed completion of work.”
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