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The type of bare knuckles lawyer the Church would have hired

Nov 16th, 2019 11:04 am | By

Richard Painter, for one, is furious about Barr’s grotesque speech to the Federalist Society.

Another lunatic authoritarian speech as Barr goes from attacking “radical secularists” at
@NDLaw to one month later attacking the “resistance” at @FedSoc.
Impeach Barr now!

Bill Barr is the type of bare knuckles lawyer the Church would have hired thirty years ago to cover up sex abuse cases. The bishop would have been someone like Rep. Jim Jordan. Neither of these men belong anywhere near the impeachment inquiry.

The leaders of @FedSoc should now do what the faculty at @ndlaw failed to do — denounce AG Barr’s diatribe as an attack on our Constitution and on the rule of law.

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Barr waves the bloody flag

Nov 16th, 2019 9:09 am | By

Barr gave a long speech at the Federalist Society last night explaining his theory that presidents must be absolute, provided they are Republicans.

As I have said, the Framers fully expected intense pulling and hauling between the Congress and the President.  Unfortunately, just in the past few years, we have seen these conflicts take on an entirely new character.

Really? How very shocking. But perhaps that has something to do with the “entirely new character” of the criminal bully who is The President? Perhaps it has something to do with the monstrous things he is doing while we watch helplessly? Is the word “Putin” any help?

Immediately after President Trump won election, opponents inaugurated what they called “The Resistance,” and

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Barr squawks about the death of The Traditional Moral Order

Oct 12th, 2019 9:28 am | By

The deeply in Trump’s pocket US Attorney General gave a talk at deeply Catholic Notre Dame University yesterday, blaming secularists for everything bad and defending…morality. This lying sleazing hack who does his level best to shield Trump from any kind of oversight and law enforcement sets himself up as a source of wisdom on morality. You couldn’t make it up.

Because of the decreasing influence of Judeo-Christian traditions, Barr insisted, “along with the wreckage of the family, we are seeing record levels of depression and mental illness, dispirited young people, soaring suicide rates, increasing numbers of angry and alienated young males, an increase in senseless violence and a deadly drug epidemic.”

(Violent crime has decreased significantly over the past

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