Left for dead in the bushes

The punishment for reporting a gang rape is…another gang rape. By the same gang.

There has been outrage in India after a student was allegedly gang-raped by five men who had also raped her three years ago.

Police are yet to make any arrests although the 21-year-old was attacked last week in Rohtak town in the northern state of Haryana.

She had been pursuing a case in court against the five men, when she was attacked on Wednesday.

The woman said she was forced inside a car and the men tried to strangle her.

She was seriously injured and left for dead in the bushes. A passerby saw her and took her to the hospital.

She’s a Dalit.

Geeta Pandey of BBC News Delhi offers analysis.

The gang rape of the student in Rohtak, allegedly by the same men who raped her three years ago, is an example of how callously the authorities treat victims of rape.

Questions are being asked about how the five men, who were accused of a serious crime like rape, were free to conduct another attack.

There is also the question of why the victim and her family were not provided with any security when they said they had been threatened.

If they were higher caste, and richer, and more important…maybe security would have been forthcoming.

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